Self service Ad Network with a unique Partner Care approach.

adsteer is?

Self service Ad Network with a unique Partner Care approach.

We help advertisers meet their KPIs and grow ROI, while publishers maximize eCPM with our easy-to-use, advanced traffic solutions and the best team in the industry.

What do we offer?


adsteer is a powerful ad platform for brands, agencies, solo marketers, and media buyers. With over 20 targeting settings, you deliver your ads to the best-matching audiences. Unlock high-quality CPM, CPC, and CPA traffic from direct publishers.

✔ Genuine traffic that converts.

✔ Robust ad formats with CTRs up to 30%.

✔ A-class support and expert managers


Are you looking for a profitable solution to monetize your traffic? Our network offers 360° monetization capabilities within one place so you can maximize your revenue no matter what GEOs or kind of traffic you have on your website.

✔ Referral Program 5%.

✔ Automatic payment.

✔ High CPM Rates

Who is adsteer?

adsteer started with friendship and grew into a successful business that still maintains its core values: great emphasis on teamwork, transparency, commitment, consistency, quality, and always ready to support and help clients and colleagues.

We connect advertisers and publishers of all sizes and from anywhere globally, helping them grow their capital, develop their skills, and improve as professionals to ensure a successful present and future.

We set up and pursue high traffic and service quality standards and contribute to adtech market development by introducing innovative products and sharing our expertise and knowledge with the community.

What Ad Formats do you have?

adsteer Supports the following Formats:

1. Popup & Popunders.

2. Instream Video (vast).

3. Video Slider.

4. Banner.

5. Direct Link.

What is the minimum deposit to advertise?

Minimum Deposit is $100.

What is the minimum Withdrawal of money in the Publisher's account?

You must have a minimum amount of $100 for the money in your account to be withdrawn.

What are your Payment Terms?

We pay Net30, If your Traffic Doesn't violate our Terms you will receive Net payout.

A Few Facts About Our Network.

Successful Advertisers and Publishers.
Premium Publisher
Premium traffic is sent every Month.
Active advertiser

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